Tucked between the Wharf Cinema Center and the local Burger King is the Maui Swiss Cafe. An open-air, European-style sidewalk internet cafe in the shade of a trellised canopy and palm trees, the cafe has been Swiss-owned since 1994.
Recently, Maui Swiss Cafe became a great place to check your email, eight computer stations (six of which have high tech, flat screen TFT monitors). A 1.5MBit/s ADSL connection lets users access the internet quickly and efficiently. At only $0.15 a minute, Maui Swiss Cafe offers the lowest price on the west side of the island and is a perfect place to catch up on business or just to casually surf the web.
Like cafes found throughout Europe, the restaurant is an oasis of quiet from the hustle of nearby Front Street. Regulars and visitors frequent the cafe everday for an afternoon cappucino or frosty milkshake. They gather at the front corner table to watch the activity under the Banyan Tree and chat with the staff on break. Others come daily for the famous $5.5 lunch specials or $2.5 ice cream special. A personal pizza or a sandwich served with Caesar salad, chips and a drink. Each sandwich is carefully created by the manager, Dominique Martin, to complement the flavors of imported Swiss cheese. All sandwiches are served European style with Dijon mustard, cream cheese, hard boiled egg, and Swiss cheese in addition to the usual fixins’. Everything is made to order, fresh on the premises. Try one of the inventive hot sandwiches such as the Turkey Broccoli Melt (French baguette with Dijon mustard, tutrkey, broccoli, tomato, and melted cheese), Spicy Roastbeef Melt (Boboli bread with Dijon mustard, horseradish, roast beef, tomato, onions, melted cheese), or the Italian Boboli (Boboli bread with Dijon mustard, salsa, bell pepper, ham, tomato, and melted cheese). The smell from the ovens alone has often been known to draw people in demanding to have “whatever he just ordered.” Try one of the famous Signature Melts (prepared with imported Emmentaler cheese baked on an Italian parmesan crust) such as the popular Swiss melt (spicy chicken, mushroom, onion, and tomato, finished with a Dijon herb spread and melted Emmentaler cheese). For breakfast, sample a bagel, light roll or freshly baked croissant with a steaming cup of Italian Lavazza espresso or a mug of freshly brewed Kona coffee. Or go all out and order the Swiss breakfast (sliced ham, Emmentaler cheese, salami, fruit, hard boiled egg, and croissant with butter and jam).

Famous among the thirsty tour guides is the Iced Coffee, made with chilled Kona coffee blended with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream then poured over an additional scoop cool the beverage even further. One of the more popular tropical drinks is the Chocomac(macadamia nuts blended with pineapple-coconut ice cream, milk, and chocolate ice cream). The ice cream is among the most famous in the islands. A variety of different brands is served; each flavor has been chosen as the best of its kind by the owner, an ice cream connoisseur.
While enjoying the a much needed respite from the sun, diners can rest amongst the many flowers and plants which decorate the cafe. A tropical fountain trickles in the corner, and tiny fish swim in a new fish tank. After lunching, visitors can browse throught the extensive collection of Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs- from Kona coffee and macadamia nuts to tea mugs and tea. Maui Swiss Cafe also features art from many local artists. The Maui Swiss Cafe truly is a taste of Europe tucked into a corner of Lahaina.
The Swiss owner has made German menus available for foreign tourists. He is always delighted to chat in his native language, so be sure to drop by.
Hidden from the usual rush of traffic, the Maui Swiss Cafe is a cozy place to enjoy the island without the barrage of “tourist traps” found on Front Street. Taste food flavored with the island’s freshest ingredients and prepared with a Swiss touch.