Mary Connell was born in Minnesota and escaped to Maui in 1990 after discovering Maui on two family vacations. She and her husband left the "rat race" and "frozen tundra" to start a new adventure in paradise. The love of doing her own thing in art started in her preteens when she received an oil paint-by-number kit for a birthday present. She experimented by NOT following the numbers and received much satisfaction in creating an original. During the twenty years of raising two children and working outside of the home, she found time to paint with oils on canvas. The move to Maui was a "second wind"-allowing her to paint almost every day and still not running out of ideas and subjects to capture with paint. Since arriving on Maui there have been many opportunities to take art classes and explore watercolor and acrylic painting. She is a member of the Lahaina Arts Society and Kihei Arts Council. Mary is happiest when she has a sunny day with a brush in her hand painting with the Plein Air group on Maui. Painting has brought her joy and much excitement when looking more deeply at the beauty which surrounds her. She feels blessed having a loving husband's encouragement for her work and being able to live on Maui with more time to paint. It is hoped that people will know the happiness of the moment of creating something for others to enjoy.